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Akia Jenkins

Team athlete

Akia was always interested in fitness at a young age. She was born and raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland where she participated in Cheerleading, Basketball, and Track & Field starting at the age of four until graduating from college. She graduated from Wesley College in Dover, Delaware with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and plans to go back to school to obtain her Masters degree in Nutrition.

Akia previously worked at a physical therapy facility as a Rehabilitation specialist, Akia currently uses her knowledge now to teach and train others about the importance of nutrition and exercise in order for clients to return to their activities of daily living. In addition, Akia was also a four year head cheerleading coach for her college cheerleading team and spent a lot of time pushing them physically and mentally to be strong, positive, and healthy young men and ladies.

Now Akia is also in her fifth year competing in Figure and preparing for her pro card.
Prior this, she would eat clean and train hard but never stepped on stage. In 2011, she found the courage to compete for the first time. Once stepping on stage, Akia regained that competitive attitude that she had growing up. Being a competitor not only opened doors for her, but it motivated her to be a stronger person and a positive role model not only for the females in the world but for the vertically challenged women out there as well. Fitness will always be apart of Akia’s everyday life and she intends to reach every
goal she sets for herself.