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Cedrina calder

Team athlete

Dr. Cedrina “FitDoc” Calder is a medical doctor and competitive bodybuilder. She is originally from New Jersey but currently resides in Maryland. In 2014, she was introduced to the world of bodybuilding. It was during this time that she acquired a breadth of knowledge about nutrition beyond what she had received during her medical training. She started out competing in the Bikini division and then transitioned to Figure in 2015. Since then she has qualified for Nationals twice and competed in two National shows. Her own physical transformation and interests in health maintenance and disease prevention began to fuel a new passion for nutrition and fitness. This prompted the start-up of her company FitDoc Nutrition, LLC. Dr. Calder is most passionate about educating individuals about the importance of proper nutrition and physical activity on overall health and disease prevention. As an athlete, she hopes to inspire others to live life fearlessly and not place limitations on their own achievements. Her goal is to win her pro card and to use her knowledge of medicine, nutrition, and fitness to educate individuals on how to live healthier lifestyles and become the best 

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