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Karen Schultz

Team Athlete

I am 26 years old - HR professional at Harley-Davidson. I was born in Mexico but raised in a small town in Iowa (not much there!) growing up I was active in sports, but never the best! I was never the fastest or the strongest but I had fun! I always struggled with weight all my life! It wasn't easy to say "no" to all delicious Mexican food! And even if I did, Mexican moms don't take "no" for an answer. In 2015 I had hit my heaviest weight of all times 172 lbs! At the short height of 5'3" I looked like a little thumb walking around. I decided I didn't want to feel uncomfortable in my own skin anymore. I started weightlifting with the co-workers at our workplace gym. Our workouts consisted of mainly bench press, deadlifts and squats (they hated squats! Not me!) Within a year I was lifting weight I didn't think was possible! Even though my diet wasn't the greatest I was able to get down to 150 lbs. I was losing momentum and motivation to continue to get down to a reasonable weight for my height, so I decided to give myself something to push and challenge me. In 2016, I competed in my first show! It was an experience I will never forget! The dedication everyone puts into this sport is amazing! I felt I needed a new approach, and a fresh set of eyes! But most importantly to belong to a team that wants to see each other succeed! I have heard many great things about this team and Dave! I am beyond excited for my next show! Oh, and to check off an item off my bucket list... haha to meet my abs at least once in my life time! :)