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Leigh-anne alexander

Team Athlete

My name is Leigh-Anne Alexander. I am 26 years old. I am a LVN and work at Valley Orthopedic Institute. I am also a certified personal trainer. I got my certification in 2014. 
I played sports my whole life, such as softball, volleyball, and a little basketball. I also enjoy singing and acting but that mostly happens in the car or shower! 
I have a twin sister and so my whole life because we looked identical people always try to find the differences. One of them was that I was always the "bigger" twin. It definitely 
started to affect my self esteem and so I started going to the gym. I did a lot of cardio and group classes and I definitely loved it and the fact that my body was changing. 
When I started going to my current gym HT Fitness is when I started getting interested in the sport of body building and competing. I have done two shows. One in November 2015 and my 
second in November 2016. I felt great about myself and what I accomplished but I am looking to just to continue to improve and watch my body transform even more.
I joined Underrated Muscle this year January 2018 and I will be having my first shows with the team this summer.