Samantha dawn smitchko

Team Athlete

I grew up in the middle of a small, rural town in Pennsylvania. I did not grow up playing sports and I was not really all that active. I was a dancer for 6 years, and that was about the extent of my athleticism. My mom was a bodybuilder before I was born, so I was always familiar with the weight room. My freshman year of college, 2010, I decided I was going to get in shape. I stepped foot in the gym on the first day of classes and never looked back.

I never considered competing because I didn’t think I had the “body type” for it. But my Junior year in college, my friend Maura talked me into doing a bikini competition. Ever since that competition, I was hooked. I switched to NPC figure and after two shows, won overall figure champion at the 2014 NPC Nationals in Miami earning me my IFBB Pro card.

I met Dave and some his team at my pro debut in Chicago in 2015. I admire how amazing his team always looks, so I decided to join! I am extremely excited for my first competition prep with Dave. He really cares about everyone on the team and has an extremely effective approach to competition prep. I think together we will do great things!

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