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sarah bell

team athlete

I'm a 32 year old stay at home wife, and mother of a brilliant, beautiful little 4 girl.

I am pretty much bad at all sports. Growing up I was always bad at running, could never do a pull-up, clumsy, terrible aim etc but my only skill basically is I have amazing kinesthetic awareness, so while my aim may be terrible I can mimic movements and make it look like I know how to do things I actually cannot do, lol. This is why the only actual physical activity I've ever been successful in is weight lifting, all I needed to do was mimic proper form and I was able to do it. 

I started competing in bikini 6 years ago and I did well but after my pregnancy I came back and felt too large for bikini so I made the switch my first figure show where I  won overall. I think figure is where I'm going to stay and what I'm going to work on seriously, but Dave doesn't know this but I may cross compete in bikini at a local show just for fun. Shhhh.