tara sealy

Team Athlete

Tara is an Educator from Georgia with over 13 years of experience working in school systems as a teacher and administrator in Virginia, Washington DC, Louisiana, and Georgia. She likes to say, she is an “educator by day and a bodybuilder by night.”  Due to her love for learning and educating, she is currently studying to become a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant with the goal of inspiring women in their 40’s to lead a healthier and fit lifestyle.

 As a middle school student, she played basketball and enjoyed singing in the choir. In college, a trainer at the gym approached her trying to convince her to get involved with body sculpting; but she declined. As an adult, her friends tag her as “The Workout Diva.” 

 Years later to 2014, after successfully working out and maintaining a 45lb weight loss over two years, Tara decided to explore her passion and enter a body building competition. She placed 4th in her first figure competition, and 1stplace in her class category at her second figure competition. Since then, she has not looked back and continues to train as she prepares for the what’s next. 

 Tara comes to the Underrated Muscle fitness team with plans to elevate her fitness journey. 

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