Tiffany Shepherd

Team Athlete

This is going to be my 2nd season with Underrated Muscle.  My first year went so well that I wanted to give it another try and go for my Pro Card!

My 1st show last season was the Emerald Cup in Seattle, WA.  I placed 2nd  in Open Figure A. and I placed 3rd in Masters over 35.

From there I went to Nationals in Pittsburg, PA- the North American Championships.  I entered into only one class – Masters Over 35 and ended up taking 5th place out of 21 competitors.  I was very happy with this outcome!  Considering, My 1st National Show was in 2015 and I placed 14th. So I’d say, this was a HUGE improvementJ

I look forward to working with Dave again in 2018.  I hope we can dial in my diet for a leaner look and also build my Back and my Quads more.  I’m looking to narrow my waist by having a bigger frame,  and creating that Pro Look to win the judges over!

Team UM has been extremely inspiring for me.  Everyone on the Team is super supportive and I love how everyone is wanting to encourage each other to push harder!  This year is going to be my year, I can just feel it !!!  I’m looking forward to continuing chasing my Dreams!!! and bringing that Pro Card home to my family!

Tiffany Shepherd

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