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Zara browne

Team Athlete

Zara loves all aspects of fitness and wellness. She is both a fitness manager and personal trainer in NYC. Four years ago she decided to compete in her first show and hasn't looked back. She signed on with Underrated Muscle at the start of 2018 and is excited to see what her next package will be on stage. 
The daily process is what she really loves and there is nothing like having daily, weekly, and even yearly goals that your are working towards knowing you have a great support system and team to back you and motivate you. 
Zara not only enjoys lifting but also loves to switch it up when she can. She's completed a handful of half marathons and loves to take a yoga or boxing class when she can to switch things up. 
For Zara there is no one right way to stay healthy and in shape. Follow what fulfills you and makes you happy and you can't go wrong.